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Ad Campaign Management

Collecting data on this exciting announcement!

The public announcement of a new 200-plus acre park is destined to make a big splash, but how do you turn that buzz-worthy excitement into ongoing momentum? Prociso was hired to launch a project-based digital advertising with three primary goals:

  1. Boost awareness of the new park with every adult resident of Franklin County.
  2. Engage targeted park visitors with opportunities to sign up for participation.
  3. Distribute high-quality video content to parkgoers across multiple channels.

Awareness was raised by synchronizing the advertising campaign with the press release launch, creating the opportunity to amplify the message in a unique way. The corresponding campaign also allowed a multi-channel approach to work harmoniously. When targeted audiences heard about the announcement through organic exposure (ex: tv news, radio news) they were able to access the information easily online (ex: paid google search campaign capturing traffic for a brand new website with zero search equity through SEO).

High-engagement park users were targeted for the long-tail of the campaign, prompting them for idea submissions, tour signups and email newsletter subscription. Over 3,000 users opted-into these channels for continued park engagement in future advertising and experiential campaigns.

Video content is only valuable where it is viewed by the right audience. Our paid video and social campaign efforts delivered rich media content to those most likely to view and engage in desired ways.

At the end of this project-based campaign, the marketing teams were delivered a comprehensive report from Prociso with goal results, an analysis of data collected during the process, and strategies for future implimentation.

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