Do you love spreadsheets? Or staring at cells on top of cells of endless data trying to make sense of it all, to organize it in a way that highlights the information most relevant to you and your teammates? No? Not really? Perhaps it’s time we introduce you to Data Studio by Google.

Data Studio is Google’s solution to transforming your advertising data into informative, interactive and easy to read reports. It tells an easy to read visual story of your data, working with multiple sources -including platforms outside of the Google suites- to create comprehensive and holistic reports. Below are some of the many reasons we love Google Data Studio.

1. It’s Highly Customizable.

Every advertising campaign is as unique as our clients’ needs are and the Data Studio dashboards we develop are customized accordingly. Being able to create a dashboard to demonstrate how a client’s campaign is meeting its goals, along with the respective attributes, helps ensure a successful campaign.

Data Studio dashboards are equipped with interactive controls with filtering options by traffic sources and date ranges, allowing the user to segment data for refined analysis. Since goals and conversions often vary by campaign, dashboards may be created to highlight goals and attributing metrics specific to each client.

2. It Delivers Omni-Channel Reporting.

When implementing an omni-channel advertising campaign, across multiple platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify, the amount of information collected grows exponentially. Not only does Data Studio provide the ability to review cross-channel performance in one place, it streamlines the collection of this data with over 120 source connectors, including Bing Ads, Amazon, CallRail, and Pinterest, in addition to direct connections to Google products.


3. It’s Easy To Read and Easy To Share.

No need to create a new user id or forget another password. Similar to other Google products, Data Studio reports may be shared securely by generating a shareable link.

By providing the ability to tell a campaign’s story through easy to read charts, tables and score cards, Data Studio has proven itself to be a valuable tool and solution for our clients. We also find it valuable for internal reporting and project management.

4. Our Clients Love It Too!

The massive amount of data that may be collected from advertising campaigns can be both enlightening and overwhelming, especially when you are executing an omni-channel strategy.

Prociso clients are provided with interactive advertising dashboards from Data Studio showing high-level summaries that report on their website analytics, channel and audience performances, and spend summaries. Additional objectives and metrics are covered as identified in the discovery meetings with our clients.

Dashboards created in Data Studio empower our clients with the ability to review and analyze metrics across multiple channels, so they are able to quickly and easily evaluate their campaigns and return on ad spend, all in one place.

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