Spotify launched its Ad Studio platform to the public in the summer of 2018, making it one of the newest opportunities for brands to target audiences online with strategic advertising placements. Even though the platform is still in its beta testing period and evolving every day, the opportunities it presents can make it worthy of consideration for a variety of campaigns.

Prociso has assisted multiple clients with Spotify campaigns targeting both regional and national audiences for specific goals. We’ve noted where campaigns have seen the most success with this emerging platform and want to make sure that it’s the right fit for your ad campaign. Here are a few reasons why Spotify might make sense for you:

Brand Awareness is Your Focus

If you’re launching a new product or service, or entering a new market where your brand in somewhat unknown, then Spotify should certainly be worthy of consideration. The primary delivery mechanism for Spotify is its audio commercials that play in between songs, which means that you’re getting into the ears of potential customers while they’re commuting, working out, lounging at home or busy at work. The secondary delivery mechanism is the clickable ad that shows up in-app, but your customers might not always have the ability to click immediately.

We’ve seen Spotify campaigns that average click-through rates of 0.10 to 0.25 percent, which is a bit higher than display advertising industry averages, so keeping the importance on brand awareness is key for any Spotify campaign. We also recommend considering Spotify in an omni-channel approach. Making your audience aware of your brand through audio-ads, and getting them to take action through corresponding social or search campaigns.

You Have a Broader Audience

Currently, Spotify’s audience targeting options are not quite as robust as what you’ll find through Google or Facebook since it’s a much newer entity. Spotify will allow advertisers to target:

  • • Geography: Countries, states and DMA regions. Can’t target zip codes at this time.
  • • Age ranges: 13 to 65+
  • • Gender: Male, female or all
  • • Platform: iOS, Android or Desktop (handy for app install campaigns)
  • • Music Genres: Alternative, Blues, Children, Christian, Classical, Country, Easy Listening, EDM, Electronica, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, Holiday, House, Indie Rock, Jazz, Latin, Metal, New Age, Pop, Punk, Reggae, RnB, Rock, Soundtrack, Spoken and Audio, Traditional.

We expect these options to continue to grow as Spotify opens up new access to audience data or partners with third-party data providers.

Action-Oriented Campaigns

One of the more unique aspects of Spotify campaigns is that you can target your audiences not only based on their musical preferences, but based upon the types of playlists that they may be listening to. This allows you to target audiences when they’re listening to music while studying, cooking dinner, or playing video games.

If your advertising campaign corresponds to any of the following audience actions, then Spotify is definitely worthy of consideration: Chill, Cooking, Dinner, Focus, Study, Gaming, Holidays, Kids, Party, Travel, Workout.

Promoting Concerts & Music

Spotify is a music-centric platform and is a perfect fit for music-centric campaigns. If your advertising needs revolve around concert promotions, music downloads or community festivals, then Spotify has an additional layer of targeting built just for you.

Your Spotify ad campaign can target an individual musical artist — or group of artists — to relay information about album releases, concert dates, or ticket purchasing platforms directly to users who are actively listening to that artist. With the right kind of compelling call to action, these campaigns can be incredibly powerful by tapping into a fan base and keeping them actively engaged with your upcoming events.

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